30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 14

I have officially had a blog for 2 weeks! Day 14: What would you like to learn?

So I am one of those people who when they want to learn something, but can’t do it after the first try, completely gives up. I have very limited motivation and patience when it comes to a lot of things, but there are some things I would like to persevere with, like:

  • Learning another language – I have tried so many times to learn another language, but I always give up. I have signed up to app after app and then deleted them 2 weeks later. This is something I would like to change. I need to buckle down and actually stick with it.
  • Playing the piano – While I would love to be able to play any instrument, I have always wanted to play the piano. There is someone at work who comes in to teach the kids how to play, so I am trying to build up the courage to ask her if she will teach me.
  • Whistle with my fingers – This is one of those skills that other people have that I am super jealous of. I wish I was able to do it, every time I try I just kind of spit everywhere. I think this will come in handy at work when all of the kids run in every direction on the field.
  • Identify countries – As much as I liked Geography when I was in school, I was never very good at remembering where countries are. I would love, when everybody is talking about going on holiday, to actually have a clue where in the world they are talking about. I may get a world map and put it on my wall.


  • Juggling – I have tried a few times with this one, and I am getting better at it. But, as with everything else, it didn’t take me long to stop trying. I still have the balls in my room so at some point I will start again.
  • Photography – My photos aren’t bad and I do alright on Instagram, but that is not the same as actually knowing how to use a camera and how to edit photos the correct way. This is another thing I would like to learn.
  • Boxing/Martial Arts – This is something that I have wanted to try for a while. It is something that could come in handy one day, but will also keep me fit while I am doing it. It also looks really good in the movies.
  • Balloon animals – How cool would it be if you could make a balloon animal that wasn’t a snake or an eel? I love watching people make balloon animals, they are so cute.
  • How to do hair – My hair is either down, half up, or in a pony tail because I am incapable of doing anything else with it. I have never been able to plait or do any kind of style. I am very uncoordinated, so when it comes to looking in the mirror and trying to do a French plait, I am completely lost.
  • Writing with my left hand – I am a natural righty, so whenever a pen is in my left hand it has got no idea how to even hold it, never mind write with it. I have tried a few times and it looks like a child’s writing, but you can at least read it. So that’s something.
  • How to use a gun – Not that I think I would ever need to know how to use a gun, or would ever get one to begin with, it is something that I think I would like to be able to do. Same with a bow and arrow, I want to be able to do that.

There are probably other things that I would like to learn, but these are the ones off the top of my head. Is there anything that you would like to learn how to do?

By Rebecca

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