30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 11

Now on to day 11: If you were an animal, which one would you be?

I can honestly say that I have never given this any thought before. I decided to take some of those online quizzes to see what animal it says that I am. I tried 3 different quizzes and got:

  • A meerkat – it says “you are a people person. You enjoy socialising and working in a group. Others appreciate your responsibility, loyalty and willingness to help.” I am most definitely not a people person. I am ridiculously shy in social situations and when I am working in a group I sit back and just do what I am told.
  • A hedgehog – it says “you are cautious and timid, but only because you have a genuine, loving heart that could be easily broken.” I suppose this is quite accurate? I am cautious, but I’m not sure about the whole genuine and loving heart thing.
  • An insectivore/rodent – this one says “This type of person is creative, very active and usually able to get what they want done without appearing on other people’s radar. They adapt to social situations well, and can often be popular due to their ability to get on with other people. They often look before they leap, and so get themselves out of difficult situations before they are fully in them.” So there are 3 sections in this one, and only the first one is right. I am creative, but I absolutely do not adapt to social situations well and have never been referred to as popular in my life.

It seems like whatever animal I am is a small one. I think out of all 3 of these, the hedgehog one is most accurate.

At least now if anyone ever asks me what kind of animal I am, I can now say I am a hedgehog.

By Rebecca

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