30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 7

Already a week in to my 30 day blogging challenge! Day 7: Views on religion.

I was brought up as a Catholic. I went to Church every Sunday with my brothers and my Grandma, I was an alter girl for about 4/5 years, and when I wasn’t serving on the alter, I was in Sunday school. I also went to a Catholic primary school and secondary school.

However, my brothers and I only really went to Church because it was important to my Grandma. We did not really care that much about religion. I used to be able to tell you everything you needed to know about going to Church and what happens during mass. I was such a show off when I was in primary school during RE lessons because I knew all the answers and must have said “Yeah, I know this because I’m an alter girl” about 3,000 times. I was that kind of kid.

When my Grandma died, we kind of stopped going to Church and only went on Christmas Eve. If it was up to my Mam, we probably wouldn’t have went at all as she was not raised in any religion. But it was important to my dad that we at least went on Christmas Eve as it is what my Grandma would have wanted. I didn’t know until recently that one of the reasons we had to go to the evening mass on Christmas Eve was because, when my brothers and I were little, all of our presents were kept at my Granda’s house and he would wait until we went to Church and then bring them through and hide them.

I still like the hymns and the Bible stories, and I work at a Church of England school, but I do not really have an opinion on religion. I would like to believe in a higher power, and Heaven and Hell etc. but I find it difficult to do so. I think if I have children, I will send them to a Catholic school, but will leave it up to them to decide what they would like to believe. I do not like when parents force their beliefs on to their children.

I really hope I haven’t offended anyone with this post, that wasn’t my intention. This is just my personal views on religion.

By Rebecca

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