30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5

Good morning everyone! Quickly moving on to day 5: Your day in great detail.

So for this one I will describe my typical weekday and weekend.

As I’ve mentioned before, I work as a teaching assistant at a primary school. But I also work at a nursery before school and after school.

Something you need to know about me is that I seriously struggle getting out of bed in the morning. I’m really not a morning person, like, at all. If I was sensible I would get up at 6AM, have breakfast, pull myself together and then get ready for work. However, I am not sensible. So instead I wake up at the last possible minute, carry on watching the clock until I literally have to get out of bed straight away or I’d be late and then rush around.

I start work at the nursery at 7:30AM and go to the school at 8:45AM. I’m at school until 3:30PM and then go back to nursery until I finish there at 5PM.

When I have finished work I usually go straight to my mam and dad’s house to see them for half an hour or so. Since I work quite long hours I usually like to relax when I get home. Have some food, have a shower, watch Netflix in bed. I like my time to myself, so after a day of not having a second to myself, I really look forward to getting home. Obviously I will have plans sometimes, like going out for a meal or meeting up with friends, but generally I will just go home.


As for my weekend, I take great pleasure in not setting an alarm. I can’t describe how much I love having a lie in. I know some people see it as wasting half the day but if I can stay in bed until 11AM, trust me, I will.

However, my mam works night shifts, so if she was working on the Friday or Saturday night, then I would have to be up and out at 6AM the next morning to pick her up and look after the dog while she goes to bed. This is awful, but I usually put a movie on and fall asleep on the sofa with my dog.

If my mam is not at work then the weekend is all mine and I will most likely stay in my room watching Netflix, only coming downstairs for food. Quite sad, really, but I love it.

By Rebecca

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