30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4

On to day 4 already! I’m loving having a blog, I might start posting other things as well as doing the blogging challenge. Day 4: Your top 5 pet peeves.

Everyone will have some small things that annoy them. But while they might seem small to some people, they will slowly be driving someone else crazy. My pet peeves are:

1. People cracking their knuckles

I honestly cannot stand the noise it makes when people crack their knuckles. I have some friends who seem to crack every bone in their body when I am with them. Their knuckle, their neck, their back. Everything. I hate it,

2. When people smoke in doorways

If you want to smoke then that’s up to you and I’m really not bothered by it. However, if you stand in the doorway of a place I want to get in, but you don’t move and continue to blow smoke in my face, then I have a problem with it.

3. Spitting on the ground

Why? Why do you need to do this? I think it is a disgusting habit to have.

4. People who get too close when they talk

I can still hear you if you sit back in your chair, or if you take a couple of steps back. You do not need to get so close so I can feel your breath on my face.

5. Bad/inconsiderate drivers

Please don’t drive too slowly, or take two parking spots, or not use your indicators. My mam is a really nervous passenger, and I was a really nervous first time driver, and it does not help if other drivers only care about themselves.

So that’s it for my 5 pet peeves, hope I wasn’t too negative about everything. Hopefully tomorrows will be a more positive post!

By Rebecca

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